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we have one r -- more hit coming elissa harrington live on how communities are getting along. >> i hope it goes away soon. i don't like it. >> reporter: we're almost there, the final storm in a series of 3 sending people stacking up sandbags prompts a flash flood watch. since wednesday, heavy rain and winds have toppled trees, snarled traffic and left thousands in the dark. the last two storms completely uprooted this 50-foot tree. and a lot more wind and rain is expected tonight so the at pg&e all hands on deck. >> healthy trees are coming down and when they come down they find the power lines well. >> reporter: pg&e crews have been working around the clock to repair downed lines and say all power should be restored tonight. just around the third storm is set to arrive. >> we've been lucky because there's breaks in between the one two pinches and the biggest is tonight and we want folks to be prepared. >> reporter: calls for service have been nonstop and they want drivers to slow down. just this morning a big rig jackknifed on 280 in san bruno. >> i would definitely say it's weath
hazard in lafayette. and that's where cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is with it's going to take to clean it up. >> reporter: the city has a huge project on its hands. the city manager said this is the largest sinkhole he hasstein in more than 20 years and going to take a lot of time and money to fix it. a big problem in one lafayette neighborhood a 20-foot sinkhole swallowing a section of mountain view drive near downtown. chris lives steps away in this blue house. the sinkhole is practically in his front yard goosiery. sounded like a big crushing -- crumbling in. >> reporter: the sinkhole opened up yesterday after heavy rain. the creek under the street was running high with debris. >> it plugged the talbot, goes under the road, the water had nowhere to go and so it eroded the road around the culvert and collapsed the road. >> reporter: neighbors can't believe it. >> absolutely amazing. never seen anything like this in my life, never dreamed of it. by knew the area flooded on -- we knew the area flooded on new year's in 1977 but never saw this before. >> i have never seen this h
grow house after discovering about 300 pot plants inside. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington has the story. >> reporter: this might look like any average run of the milhous but inside, police found hundreds of marijuana plants in one of the most elaborate grows they have ever seen. >> wow, i'm surprised. i'm surprised that that's what they were at the house for. >> reporter: san jose's sandalwood court is one of those neighborhoods where everyone knows each other. but residents i talked to didn't know much about the people who lived here. >> they weren't very friendly. so we had suspected something. >> just two guys hi and by all the time. >> reporter: they didn't live there. this house was used for one thing only, to grow pot. police discovered what they believe to be an illegal grow around 3 a.m. when responding to a burglary call. when officers arrived they didn't find any burglars but found inside roughly 300 marijuana plants. >> you had lighting equipment in the individual rooms. you had wiring throughout. you had fertilizer, you know, just the typical items would you use t
-moving fire rips through their hayward home. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in hayward. arson investigators believe the woman was targeted. >> reporter: as fire completely destroyed this apartment, you can see a big pile of charred debris in the inside absolutely gutted. firefighters are investigating this as arson. >> caused like a explosion and both sides caught fire. >> reporter: shattered glass, a boom, then screaming. that's what residents of the dixon lane apartments in hayward say they heard before a fire tore through this two- story unit. it happened just before 4 a.m. the apartment manager lived here with he on. >> the manager was standing at her front door yelling for help with flames coming out of her apartment. >> reporter: they escaped the flames and a family next door was also evacuated. firefighters say it appears a molotov cocktail was the cause. someone hurled the bottle through a front window. >> we have a pattern on the floor shows accelerant that caused the fire and made it spread. >> reporter: the manager didn't want to be interviewed but did tell me off c
to their name. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in mill valley where preparing for king tides flooding is under way. >> it's coming in fast. it looked like it was filling up a bathtub. >> reporter: workers at mill valley stack sandbags as water from the bay creeps closer to their business flooding the parking lot. for people like 8-year-old jocelyn and her mother, who came to check the scene -- >> i think it's pretty amazing and it's coming up really, really high. >> reporter: but for the owner -- >> very concerned. you know, we don't want the building to get flooded. >> reporter: king tides, the highest tides of the year, are arriving along the california coast n some places, water is rising a couple of inches and others several feet. this was the manzanita park and ride where drivers were warned. risk. >> it just keeps getting higher every day. >> reporter: members of the marin rowing association says it's not as high as they have seen it but pretty close. >> looking at the bridge, you can see the watermark almost at its highest. >> the water is high and because of the high tides t
two san francisco police officers to thank for it. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington on how those officers were honored today. >> reporter: this started as a welfare check but quickly turned into a life-or-death situation when these two officers found a brand-new baby boy abandoned on an san francisco street. these are the two officers, matt cloud and steve gritch, both from the bayview department. at 2 a.m. they were called about a woman bleeding outside the providence shelter on third and mckinnon. when they approached they didn't find the woman but, instead were flagged down by a man cradling a newborn baby. that baby was not responsive. these officers are both fathers and knew that the baby wouldn't make it if they didn't act. the ambulance they called could take 15 minutes to arrive so instead officer cloud drove to the hospital while officer grit ch performed cpr. >> having two young children i know what a baby should look like when it's first born and this baby, there was no movement, no screaming, no crying. >> as we were driving there, i wasn't really worried about it yet
person was trapped inside. elissa harrington is on the ground there. is she there? >> can you tell us what the update is on that person who was trapped, was able to get out, but are there any injuries. >>> no, the person was able to get out and it's interesting what they did. one o. people inside the truck was -- of the people inside the truck was a volunteer firefighter. he hopped out of the truck with both feet together. hit live wires and they were able to get out of the vehicle safely. the fire is out but this is what it looks like. flames 20 to 30 feet tall outside of san leandro after a laundry truck hit some wire. with me now, i have josh walsh the battalion chief to talk about what happened. explain what happened to this truck. >> well, as you see, it destroyed with the fire. >> reporter: how did that happen? >> it became involved in fire after striking the electrical lines, it caught fire. pg&e was on scene. we elected to stay away from it. we had 12,000-volts measured in the ground around the vehicle and left here, 5000-volts in the ground, so we had to stay away from it. we
issue. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: behind me you can see a big pile of debris and crews cleaning it up securing the area so nobody can get close to th sinkhole. it opened up yesterday afternoon on mountain view drive. it's 20 feet. the weather is to blame. rains overflowed a creek which eroded the road creating a hazard blocking two lanes. this street is full of homes and sits behind a trader joe's off mount diablo boulevard. utility crews have been securing underground lines and last night a few residents were without water and at least one without gas. the road is closed and will have to be rebuilt. there are detours in place. in lafayette, elissa harrington cbs 5. >>> it's 4:31 now. this morning, road crews will be assessing damage from yet another sinkhole that opened up yesterday in the santa cruz mountains on vine hill road near the summit of highway 17. the dirt underneath vinehill gave way just before noon yesterday. and now one entire lane is gone and the rest of the road is in jeopardy because there's nothing under supporting
the morning commute. live at the bay bridge, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> the recipe for accidents, just add water. apparently we have problems out there. gianna? >> exactly. yeah. we are getting word from chp of this accident in sunnyvale. they have been working on it for 20 minutes. northbound 101 at mathilda blocking two right lanes. it's a serious accident. in fact, they had another one reported there in the backup so as you can see on our sensors, we have a backup there as you work your way in and around that area. so 280 to 85, that's how you get around that mess. 237 itself you could use that as well westbound connecting over towards 101 but you might see some brake lights once you get to the 101 connector through there. elsewhere, look at this our travel times north 101 from 280, 680 interchange to highway 237, that's a 22-minute right now showing red so big delays there. again 280 a good choice. guadalupe parkway not showing any delays right now. now, marin county southbound 101 just before the golden gate bridge, we have reports of mud in the right lane. so stick to your left. not
elissa harrington reports. >> reporter: the word cancer sounds scary but doctors say governor brown's was caught early. he is battling early stage prostate cancer. in 2011 he had a procedure to remove some skin cancer from his nose also back in 2008 he had a small spot removed from his ear. he is undergoing radiation and will keep his full work schedule. doctors say the cancer has not spread and it should be easy to treat with no serious side effects. >> most people that have this are in 60s, 70s or 80s. he will do better in terms of his energy level throughout the whole process since he is otherwise in good health. >> reporter: the governor will receive daily radiation treatments at usf for 10 minutes and it should be complete in early january. >> are you ready for winter? >> no. i wake out and boom it's chilly. >> cold air is in place. yesterday cold showers and all that air moved out from the gulf of alaska. a chilly start to the day. really another cool day on tap outside. mostly clear out over the bay but these temperatures way down inland. 35 degrees right now in concord hove
as a health and safety issue as well and it's big. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us about the clean-up and how long it might take to get it all fixed. >> reporter: blame the weather for the sinkhole but this is definitely not what the people who live in this neighborhood want to see out of their window. a 20-foot sinkhole that goes over two lanes of traffic. this morning we have seen trucks with pg&e with the city and sanitation crews on the scene with a long day of clean- up. now, nobody was hurt but this is causing some problems for the people here. water was turned off to repair the lines last night. this happened because of the storms we had. heavy rains overflowed a creek which eroded the ground causing it to suddenly fall. this morning roads are closed but detours are in place. but if you come back live to us one more look at that sinkhole, it is going to take quite a while to come up with a solution. they need to come up with a permanent plan and at this point the road is going to have to be replaced. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> another sinkhole
reporter elissa harrington is at the clayton valley shopping center with all the details. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning. definitely a brazen burglary here. you can see behind me the gamestop has been boarded up and workers have come in to clean up and try and get things back together so that they can open today. now, what happened is that thieves crashed their car into the building and then stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. you're looking at a picture from shortly after that happened around 4 a.m. now, employees say that they were alerted by an alarm when they arrived police were already here. and they found that car into the building. but the suspect gone. they stole ipods and iphones from a glass display case on the wall. police believe that they were in a stolen vehicle and it has since been towed away from the scene. as for the suspect or suspects, they fled on foot. workers say that they are going to spend the morning cleaning up while police continue their investigation. there is some surveillance footage from inside of the game stop store so poli
in the east bay where arson investigators are hard at work now. >> had cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in hayward where the fire hit an apartment building a couple of hours ago. elissa. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors described hearing broken glass and a loud boom before a fire tore through this hayward apartment. if you look inside you can see the place was left completely gutted. you can see what's left of a desk, a kitchen table and sofa and we have now learned that the woman who lived here is the apartment's manager. we are at dixon lane apartments on dixon street by the bart station. she and her young son escaped and were not hurt. firefighters were called just before 4 a.m. to find the apartment engulfed in flames. a family of four next door was evacuated. the fire was contained to one unit and neighbors believe it was set. >> it's worth it. had hurry up home. i said what's wrong? he said a whole house is on fire. my husband called me and told me that everybody was out the house. >> reporter: firefighters will not confirm that information although they have arson investig
for months to come. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in lafayette to show us the status of some of the repair work. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. behind me is some of that heavy equipment being used to repair the road and as you can imagine there is a lot of work to be done. east bay m.u.d., pg&e, sanitation crews and city official have all been out here to the scene of this giant sinkhole. so far they have been clearing debris while making sure residents can still get gas and water service. those lines were damaged. they have had to temporarily run some of the lines above ground. this sinkhole is 80 feet long, 40 feet wide and 15 feet deep. it opened up on sunday following some heavy rains and the lafayette creek which runs under part of the road flooded eroded the ground and caused it to fall. the next storm, however, right around the corner. it will roll in later on today. so the city and engineers have come up with a plan to put in a temporary culvert a permanent fix taking months. >> bottom line is there's going to be a hole in the ground here for a long time. an
information but as i said arson investigators are on scene. elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> new this morning, a fire in east oakland is believed to have been started by squatters. the single-alarm fire happened around 1:30 this morning on 64th and international boulevard. officials say homeless people may have been living in the building at the time. no injuries reported. >>> the same building caught fire in august. it took firefighters about half hour to put it out back then. and at the time, it was an appliance store called budget appliances. >>> a man is in critical condition after he was shot in san francisco's mission district. witnesses say the gunman was talking to the victim near natoma and 14th about 8:00 last night. he opened fire hitting the victim four times. suspect took off. san francisco's gang task force is now investigating. >>> she killed her friend in a jealous rage over a man, now giselle esteban will spend 25 years to life behind bars. calling her a cold-blooded killer, a judge handed down the sentence yesterday. esteban cast convicted of killing 26-year-old michelle le
cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is over at ucsf this morning where the governor is undergoing radiation treatment and she joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. he will come here every day to receive those treatments and doctors are very optimistic about his diagnosis. they say his cancer was caught early, is very treatable and has a high cure rate. governor brown's office announced yesterday that he is battling early stage prostate cancer. it's one of the most common cancers for men and one that doctors say they see a lot of when people age. at 74, brown is california's oldest governor. but he has let people know that his age does not affect him that he is in good health. he is known to jog around the capital and in the oakland hills and back in august, he challenged new jersey governor chris christie to a race after being slammed at the republican convention. >> i hereby challenge governor christie to a three-mile race, push-up contest and a chin-up contest. [ applause and cheers ] >> >> reporter: so how will this diagnosis affect his health of and his work? he
, elissa harrington out there in the storm. how's it look out there right now? >> reporter: well, good morning. it's been raining on and off throughout morning. right now it's drizzling but traffic is moving smoothly as drivers head over the bay bridge, although it is very soggy out there. now, here's some video taken from last night and early this morning. people are of course breaking out the umbrellas and rain jackets. these showers will continue through the morning but should clear up by the afternoon. conditions on the bay bridge are wet with some large puddles as drivers approach the entrance. there is also a sign out warning of flooding. traffic is running smoothly but there are also some wind gusts. there's a small craft advisory in effect which means that the winds could create some dangerous waves for boaters. there's also a chance of some isolated showers tomorrow and more rain on thursday. now, drivers when the roads are wet like this always play it safe. again it will continue raining throughout the morning commute. so go slow. be alert. and leave some room between you and
to get everything under control while they work on that giant sinkhole. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> thank you. >>> to the south and the santa cruz mountains now vine hill road off highway 17 at scotts valley will be closed indefinitely. a whole section of hillside disappeared in the storm taking the roadway below with it. crews don't know how long it's going to take to fix that. and marin county a school in fairfax that was damaged by the storm will reopen today. white hill middle school serves about 600 students. it was closed yesterday because of water and mud damage to four classrooms and administrative offices and staff room. a professional clean-up has now been completed. remember, you can track all the rain anytime with our live high- def doppler radar. that's at our website, >>> oakland police will give us new details today about the man arrested for attack an autistic girl. the 16-year-old victim walked away from a group home for the developmentally disabled a week ago. staff members saw her go but federal law says they could not stop her. they
is fighting. the 70-year-old is being treated for prostate cancer. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is at ucsf this morning and that's where the governor is undergoing radiation treatment. good morning. >> reporter: for the next month, governor brown will receive daily treatments here at ucsf. they are supposed to be painless and last about 10 minutes. governor brown's office announced yesterday that he has early stage prostate cancer. they say it has not spread and has a high cure rate. the 74-year-old governor will keep up his full work during his treatment and doctors say there won't be any serious side effects. this is the governor's second bout with cancer since taking office in 2011. last year he had a procedure to remove skin cancer from his nose. brown is in good shape of and he called out the governor of new jersey, chris christie, back in august after getting slammed at the republican convention. >> i hereby challenge governor christie to a three-mile race, pushup contest and then chin-up contest. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: brown is seeing dr. eric small at ucsf. in a state
elissa harrington at the bay bridge with more on what things are like at this moment. >> reporter: it is drizzling, temperatures in the 50s but behind me, traffic is moving smoothly but it is very wet. here's some video taken from last night and this morning. it has been raining on and off. and it will drizzle through at least part of the morning commute. there are also some wind gusts. now, nothing like what we saw earlier this month. but something that drivers should be aware of. there's also a small craft advisory that goes until 9 a.m. that means that some wind speeds could create hazardous wave conditions. that advisory is in effect in san francisco, san pablo, suisun bay and the west delta. past the toll plaza on to the bay bridge, there are some large puddles. so we say it every time that it rains, but it is worth repeating: make sure to leave room between you and the car in front of you. and stay safe and go slow on the roads. reporting at the bay bridge, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> she has her weather gear on so it must be raining. >> looks like it. >> to check how it's
elissa harrington is live at sfo where some people may miss christmas with the family. hey eilssa. >> reporter: hi brian, as you can imagine many frustrated travelers trying the get home in time for the holidays, in fact i spoke with one man whose flight was canceled and he said the next available flight is not until christmas day. he's just one of many passengers experiencing another day of cancellations and delays. delays are averaging just under an hour with the longest wait times about three and a half hours. yesterday, more than 100 flights here were also canceled. i spoke with one man who might be spending his first christmas away from his parents and an airport manager who explains how a bad turn of the weather can cut the number of flights in half. >> i was supposed to go through colorado and they canceled my flight out there. so i was going to miss my connecting flight. and now i just -- i've been here for like four hours trying to figure out another way to get back to ohio to see my family. >> once the weather comes in and it reduces our visibility. we are -- decreases f
. a postponement comes at the request of the killer nathan burris. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington explains why. >> i want closure. >> reporter: but closure for the families of deborah ross and ersie everette known as chuck will have to wait. the sentencing has been delayed to january 18. the two were gunned down at the richmond/san rafael bridge tollbooth in 2009. nathan burris was ross' ex- boyfriend. the sentencing was supposed to happen today after the jury gave him the death penalty in november. family members were prepared to read impact statements and instead nathan burris and his advisory counsel spoke asking for a new date. burris says he has no access to library or research and prepare. he is defending himself. >> to me he is a joke. he is trying to do anything he can to stay in the county jail. >> we're used to his antics now. we expect he is going to do something. you kind roll of with the punches. but the main thing that we know, this is coming to an end. we'll be able to move on. >> reporter: he is known for outbursts in court and today he started yelling and cursing at the victim
this week. elissa harrington is at the vigil, where friends and family are wondering how this could have happened. >> reporter: we're learning for about anthony banta, jr. he is 22 and worked as a hairdresser in downtown walnut creek. behind me friends and family have gathered for a candlelight vigil outside of selanne amour where he worked for the past two years. friends and family want to know what happened that night and it was early thursday morning that police shot and killed banta after they were called to the diablo point apartments. police say his roommate's girlfriend called 911. she said that banta was attacking her boyfriend. he was armed with a knife and police say that they were forced to shoot. those who were close to banta are confused about the events that led up to the shooting. one of the owners of the salon says he was shy and well liked by clients. >> he was actually dealing with some shyness and we coached him on that and he was -- he broke through on that. but he was very, very tender- hearted. very conscientious of people's feelings. >> reporter: they also want to
's eve is almost here and with that comes the annual warning about drunk driving. elissa harrington is at the chp in the city and it's pretty obvious drunk driving is dangerous but still people do it so now a new plan to deal with it? >> reporter: well, elizabeth, the usual checkpoints and increased patrols, but a new bill was introduced today to lower driving-related deaths and crackdown on repeat dui offenders. >> with the upcoming new year's holiday, it is more important than ever to be aware of dangers associated with impaired and distracted driving. >> reporter: so law enforcement will be cracking down on drunk drivers. starting tonight through new year's day. police agencies including redwood city will have dui checkpoints. they will estimate they will se 1500 cars. they made hundreds of arrests over christmas. senate bill 55 targets repeat offenders. it would require ignition interlock devices for drivers with more than one dui conviction. >> we have tried increasing fines. we have tried to revoke licenses to deter those chronic offenders. but we need to do more to save lives
right behind me. in lafayette, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> this morning, road crews will be examining another sinkhole this one yesterday in the santa cruz mountains on vine hill road near the summit of highway 17. now an entire lane is gone and the remainder of the road remains in jeopardy because there is nothing underneath supporting the pavement. it's not clear how long the road will stay closed. >>> flood warnings for the napa river were canceled yesterday afternoon to the relief of those nearby. some residents prepared for the worst putting sandbags around their properties. heavy rain brought the water level to three feet of going over the banks. >>> this is the russian river in guerneville over the weekend. flood warnings were cancelled. the river crested at 6 feet about an hour -- 16 feet about an hour ago. the highest recorded flood occurred in 1986 when the river reached 49 feet. >>> strong wind also caused a lot of problems. we have a broken power pole in san francisco sunset district leaving 8500 people without electricity yesterday. it was one of multiple incidents where
911 to report any hazards. elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> you can track the storm with our live high doppler radar on our web site at >>> a bay area landmark destroyed by fires. why firefighters decided not to save it after one of their own is sent to the hospital. >> they talked to her for a little bit and that's when he shot himself. >>> a shocking end to an nfl player, what police say he did before he killed himself. u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. he should take somebody dancing. oh my god, him dance? have you seen his shoes? they look like, they look like fli
of reconstruction. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in lafayette. >> reporter: this is not going to be an easy fix so people can expect the work to continue until late spring or early summer. engineers are coming up with a plan for the next storm. construction crews are getting to work. the sinkhole opened when debris caused the culvert at the lafayette creek to clog. water overran the street and then the street crumbled. since then, part of the road is closed while pg&e, east bay m.u.d., sanitation contractors and engineers have been on scene to fix it and restore utilities. some water lines were damaged in the collapse. joyce lives steps away from the sinkhole. her yard looks into the trench and exposed pipe. >> all our lives is just -- we have just this house. and everything you worry about it. >> reporter: a handful of homes were without water service while east bay m.u.d. repaired two lines. there are detours to get around the sipping hole but as you saw that woman joyce who lives just feet away from the sinkhole, we spoke with her son yesterday and the hole is practically in their front
, people still drink and drive. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us there is a new plan to stop that in california and it has really worked in other states. >> reporter: it's called an ignition interlock device wired to a person's car and will prevent the car from starting if the driver has been drinking. in some states it's lowered the dui reoffender rate by 75%. >> with the upcoming new year's holiday it is more important than ever to be aware of the dangers associated with distracted driving. >> reporter: so law enforcement will be cracking down on drunk drivers. starting tonight through new year's day. police agencies including redwood city will have dui checkpoints. they estimate they will view about 15,000 cars. chp officers will have have maximum holiday enforcement. just over christmas alone they made 1,170 dui arrests. meanwhile today senator jerry hill introduced senate bill 55 targeting repeat offenders. it would require ignition interlock devices for drivers with more than one dui conviction. >> we have tried increasing fines. we have tried to revoke licenses to dete
they can do to kept that road secure. reporting live in clayton, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >>> a candlelight vigil is planned for friday night in concord for a high school senior killed in san francisco's bayview district. 17-year-old montreal blakely was shot about 10 p.m. saturday night. he had a high grade point average and was a starting defensive back on the football team at concord high school. police say the investigation is ongoing. so far, there are no arrests. >>> a pharmacy worker is being treated for a leg wound after an attempted robbery in san francisco. it happened about 6:30 last night at a pharmacy on cesar chavez street. police are looking for the two would-be robbers and a third suspect who drove the getaway car. >>> the man convicted of killing two people at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza is expected to be sentenced today. 49-year-old nathan burris faces the death penalty. he shot and killed his ex- girlfriend a toll plaza worker and her friend a bus driver back in 2009. >>> the holiday shopping. >> skin had a bit too much excitement in san f
month. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington got reaction from the victims' families. >> i want closure. >> reporter: but closure for the families of deborah ross and ersie everette known as chuck will have to wait. the judge has reaskedded the official sentence -- rescheduled the official sentencing of the killer nathan burris until january 18. they were gunned down at the richmond/san rafael tollbooth in 2009. burris was ross' ex-boyfriend the sentencing was supposed to happen today after a jury handed down the death penalty back in november. family members were prepared to read victim impact statements but instead, it was burris and his advisory counsel who spoke asking for a new date. burris represents himself and says the sheriff's department revoked his pro per leaving him without access to a library or any way to research and prepare. >> to me, it's a joke now. he's a joke. you know? he is trying to do anything he can to stay in the county jail. >> we are used to his antics now, you know, we kind of expect something he is going to do something. you kind of roll with the punches.
elissa harrington is at the vigil, where friends and family say the man police described is not the person they knew. elissa. >> reporter: hi, ann. that candlelight vigil has been going on for an hour. you can see a large group of people outside salon amour in downtown walnut creek, where anthony banta, jr., worked for the past two years. those who knew him say he is not the man who police describe attacking his roommate early thursday morning. here's some video from thursday. the 911 call came in just after 3 a.m. dispatchers could hear screaming in the background. officers arrived to the diablo point apartments and say they were forced to shoot banta, who they say was armed. tonight, dozens gathered and shared memories of the man they called gentle and kind. they're puzzled why he acted the way he did thursday morning. we also got a chance to speak with his grandfather, who tearfully described a grandson who was very loved. he told me he does not know of any mental illness in the family but is convinced that something must have happened before that attack. he also wants
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